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Monday, November 9, 2015

Freebie - Pentel® R.S.V.P.® Ballpoint Pens - Free after Mail In Savings

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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Cookbook - Top 50 Most Delicious Homemade Salad Dressing Recipes - Only $0.99 (Kindle Version)

Top 50 Most Delicious Homemade Salad Dressing Recipes [A Salad Dressing Cookbook] (Recipe Top 50's Book 106)

What’s a salad without a dressing? Everyone enjoys a salad with a delicious dressing that can match its flavors. Sometimes, we use the same dressing over and over again, until it’s becomes boring. Why ruin a good salad with an overused salad dressing?

This book contains a wide variety of scrumptious salad dressing recipes that are budget friendly and easy to make. Why buy salad dressings when you can make your own quickly and easily? If you like salads, then you will love these recipes. Whether you're making a dressing to put in a garden-fresh salad, on a sandwich, or even as a sauce or marinade for chicken, steak or fish, these recipes will add incredible and unique flavors to all of these.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Cookbook - Soup Can Casseroles: Over 150 Main Dish Recipes Using Canned Soups - Only $0.99 (Kindle Version)

Soup Can Casseroles: Over 150 Main Dish Recipes Using Canned Soups (Southern Cooking Recipes Book 7)

This cookbook includes over 150 casserole recipes for chicken, turkey, tuna, pork, ground beef, steaks, sausage and a few vegetable casseroles. Casseroles are not just for leftovers. Casseroles are an economical and easy way to prepare a quick dinner for the family. When time is short, a quick and easy casserole will hit the spot.

Canned soups make the perfect base for casseroles. All the recipes in this cookbook use a canned or dried soup to create a tasty meal. Canned soups are easy to use and flavorful. You have a wide variety to choose from and even a great macaroni and cheese can be made from canned soup. Add a few ingredients and dinner will be on the table in no time. When everyone is on a different schedule, you can make a casserole and everyone can reheat their dinner when ready.

Ready to eat rotisserie chickens are a mainstay in most families these days. They are usually cheaper to buy already cooked. Add a few simple ingredients to the chicken and you can make dinner in a flash. With most casseroles, you can get two meals from one rotisserie chicken.

Beef prices are skyrocketing and everyone needs to save money. Buying less choice cuts of meat and using them in casseroles will stretch your grocery budget.

All my family's favorite recipes are included. Recipes include Crock Pot Chicken & Dressing, Onion Gravy Pork Chops & Rice, Savory Ham Casserole, Dixie Chicken & Biscuits, Potato Soup Chicken Pot Pie, Chicken Enchiladas, Chicken Spaghetti, Southern Chicken Parmesan, Chicken Lasagna Bake, Crushed Potato Chip Crispy Chicken Sandwiches, Chicken Fried Steak, Gumbo Sloppy Joes, Stuffed Bell Pepper Casserole, Salisbury Steak, Squash & Carrot Casserole and Any Meat Breakfast Casserole.

Most casseroles can be made ahead and baked when needed. You can always make an extra casserole and keep in the freezer for hectic days.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Cookbook - Southern Meats, Main Dishes & Casseroles: Homemade From Scratch Family Meals - Only $0.99 (Kindle Version)

Southern Meats, Main Dishes & Casseroles: Homemade From Scratch Family Meals! (Southern Cooking Recipes Book 11)

In the South, we are known for our fabulous food. Rib sticking homemade goodness! This cookbook includes family favorite main dishes and casseroles we eat everyday and for special occasions.

Over 250 southern recipes featuring ground beef, chicken, pork, ribs, ham, sausage, your favorite cuts of beef, steaks and even a few vegetarian options. All the recipes are from scratch so you can feed your family a hearty homemade meal.

Crank up your oven and get out your cast iron skillets and casserole dishes. It is time to whip up some of the best Southern eating you will ever taste. I love a crock pot as much as anyone. You will find several crock pot recipes in this cookbook. Most recipes can be easily adapted for the crock pot.

There are numerous ways to cook fried chicken in the south. Every cook has their own method and ingredients. I have listed several of the most popular southern methods for frying crispy chicken. Try them all and see which one is your favorite.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Cookbook - Baking for Breakfast: Sweet and Savory Treats for Mornings at Home - Only $0.99 (Kindle Version)

Baking for Breakfast: Sweet and Savory Treats for Mornings at Home: A Chef's Guide to Breakfast with Over 130 Delicious, Easy-to-Follow Recipes for Donuts, Muffins and More

Rise and shine to the aroma of freshly baked treats! Get inspired to savor the day with delicious, easy-to-make recipes in Baking for Breakfast: Sweet and Savory Treats for Mornings at Home, the comprehensive chef’s guide to breakfast baking at home. Acclaimed chef and cookbook author Donna Leahy shares her secrets for making fabulous breakfast baked goods with over 130 step-by-step recipes for donuts, muffins, coffeecakes, biscotti and more. With gorgeous color photographs and practical tips, the mouth-watering recipes in Baking for Breakfast will become your trusted favorites for both A.M. entertaining and leisurely breakfasts at home. • Wow your guests with elegant, creative baked goods like Maple Caramel Sticky Buns and Raspberry Cream Coffeecake • Delight your family and friends with freshly baked Chocolate Donuts, Ham and Cheese Scones and Peanut Crumb Chocolate Chip Muffins • Enjoy updated, easy-to-follow recipes for a delicious variety of breakfast classics, including croissants, bagels, English muffins and brioche With gorgeous color photographs and practical tips, Baking for Breakfast will inspire you to create delicious baked goods for enjoying leisurely breakfasts at home.

“Leahy shares her popular, easy-to-follow recipes that combine a flair for seasonal tastes with simple flavors.” “Time constraints mean that Leahy favors recipes that are not overly complicated and others that can be prepared in advance. Breakfasts are a particular strength.” Publisher’s Weekly

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Cookbook - Crock Pot Recipes - The Ultimate 500 CrockPot Recipes Cookbook - Only $0.99 (Kindle Version)

Crock Pot Recipes - The Ultimate 500 CrockPot Recipes Cookbook (Crock-Pot Meals, Crock Pot Cookbook, Slow Cooker, Slow Cooker Recipes, Slow Cooking, Slow ... Meals, Paleo, Vegan): Bonus 200 Recipes

Great Variety of Recipes Suitable For Everyone, No Previous Experience Needed, Extremely Easy to Follow Directions!

A Total of 700 Recipes

Includes a second book "Top 200 Crock Pot Recipes" for FREE!

Free PDF file with photos available at the end of the book

Do You Want to Cook Delicious and Healthy for YOUR FAMILY?

The crock pot is getting back to a simple and healthy way of life. During the years, manufacturers have improved technological features to make crock pots easier to use. So, the crock pot is designed to make gorgeous meals with very little hassle. That's for sure, you will feed even picky eaters and they will polish off their meals! You can take your crock pot with you on the camping and you can enjoy tempting fresh meals all day every day.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Cookbook - Low Carb: 365 Days of Low Carb Recipes - Only $0.99 (Kindle Version)

Low Carb: 365 Days of Low Carb Recipes (Low Carb, Low Carb Cookbook, Low Carb Diet, Low Carb Recipes, Low Carb Slow Cooker, Low Carb Slow Cooker Recipes, Low Carb Living, Low Carb Diet For Beginners)

365 Days of Low Carb Recipes Healthy eating is about feeling great, having more energy, stabilizing your mood, and keeping yourself as healthy as possible. These things can be achieved by learning some nutrition basics and using them in a way that works for you.

A huge effort has been made by the author in making sure that her eBook on 365 Days of Low Carb Recipes has all the possible ingredients to keep you healthy and provide all fun and enjoyment while having them.

In Low Carb Healthy Recipes, the author provides just that: 365 healthy recipes for people who are searching for a healthier life. Low Carb offers several advantages: • Low carb diet is something very beneficial to our health. • Your appetite will be killed in a good way if you take low carb recipes. • You will have serious weight loss if you take low carb diet recipes regularly. • The main fat loss will occur from the abdominal cavity if you take low carb recipes. • Triglycerides will go down (Triglycerides are fat molecules that cost fat in our body) • HDL level will increase in your body (HDL level is also called “good” cholesterol) • Blood sugar and insulin level will decrease if you take low carb recipes regularly. • Blood pressure will go down if you take low carb recipes regularly. • Much, much more.

In addition to mouthwatering recipes like: Green Bean and Mushroom Medley Lemon Pepper Zucchini Cheesy Baked Cauliflower Hummus Slow cooked chicken tetrazzini There are many more recipes which will make you satisfied and interested. The author also tried to keep you with nutritious diet hat alongside regular exercise can help you with different healthy ways to stay fit. It will be amazing to find various low carb recipes with this eBook and try out each on different days.

Get your copy today and enjoy 365 days of delicious, healthy and mouthwatering Low Carb Recipes.